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Besides the Headship and Management Committees (MANCOM) in the school, Premese Academies are run by Board of Directors assisted by a team of Management Board as shown below. Among the Board of Directors are Prof. Francis Wambua Mulwa (PhD) – Baba Premese – and Dr. Ruth Wambua – Mama Premese. We want to thank our parents and guardians and all the people of good will who have made Premese Academies their schools of choice to mentor and educate their children. Our success has a lot to do with your moral support and encouragement both to our staff as well as to our Directors. Thank you.

IMG_2110(1)We want to assure our parents and guardians that we will continue to do everything within our powers and ability to live up to the trust you have bestowed upon us. It is a challenge to grow your child to the global academic standards, which challenge we are prepared to undertake. We believe we are equal to the task. It is also a noble responsibility to mould and educate your child in the pattern of godly values. Thus “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” Prov. 22:6. Our pupils, for instance, are driven to various churches for Sunday services.

Molding our children is such a huge responsibility that it cannot be left to the teachers alone. We do hereby appeal to you to maintain your role at home in instilling discipline and moral sensibility in your child. Don’t leave it all to us in our schools. We strongly believe that best education that lacks moral values leads to the production of social misfits. Obviously we wouldn’t want our children to belong to that group. We create  time to instill appropriate values in our children besides the academics.

IMG_2118(1)We also appeal to your support when searching for the best secondary schools for our children who perform exemplary well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). We see our role as in the school as growing talents within your child as we equip him/her with best education and skills that propel him/her to attain the best grades possible. You need to take over from there in ensuring he/she joins reasonably good school commensurate with his/her grades. For instance he/she will need your guidance in selecting secondary schools wisely by choosing schools within her levels of competence.    

May God hear our daily prayers and petitions on behalf of our children and protect them to grow to become Responsible, God Fearing Citizens and Leaders in our society.

 Prof. and Dr. Francis and Ruth Mulwa