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Modular Virtual Learning Courses with Hard Copies for Postage  

The Origin of Premese Africa COSDETS Development Training Consult

According to Jim Rohn, all men and women of courage take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine. COSDETS is meant to do just that. It stands for College of Sustainable Development and Technological Sciences.

The Vision, Mission, Values and Motto of COSDETS

The Vision of COSDETS College: Package, Digitalize and Deliver On-Line well researched education and training material that foster quality skilled professionalism and accountable leadership of integrity both within communities and institutions.

The Mission of COSDETS College: We endeavour to empower people everywhere to hold their leaders and institutions responsive to their needs, as they seek to protect their sense of dignity, creating greater space for control of their own lives beyond the rhetoric.

Our Core Values: Rights for All; Love of God Through Service to Others; Unity in Multiplicity; Autonomy with Interdependence; Development with Equity; Respect for Diversity; Gender Sensitivity; Leadership of Integrity; and Team-Work.       

Our Motto:  Enhancing Capacities, Shaping the Future

Variety of   Corporate Certificate Courses on Offer by  Distance Learning

The variety of courses offered provide students with a wide range of choices especially for those who wish to embark on more than one course to embrace their career dreams and challenges.

We offer “Professional Certificate of Competence” Courses. These are packaged into online and hard copy modules that will be transmitted or posted to the students with test questions attached. The courses are meant to impart new, as well as refine and enhance existing career skills, opening up to elasticity of opportunities for employability through job-creation and salaried employment.


Digitalized e-Learning Programme On-Line                                                                             

College of Sustainable Development and Technological Sciences (COSDETS) is a training and programme consult tailored to cater for corporate and grassroots capacity building within the framework of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Just call us or email us disclosing your desired course(s) and we will be there for you.

Menu of Corporate Courses Available 

If you have interest in any one or more of these areas of focus, email us or call the number given below and we will be with you. 

Our Focus and Niche in Talent Search                       

The main focus of COSDETS is talent search which basically builds the case for our niche. Our learning process is highly interactive seeking to gain from the experiences of course participants. The courses are attuned to immediate application of the new knowledge, insights, skills and changed attitudes to solve community and institutional problems, guided by the principle that whatever is good must give way to whatever is better, and ultimately give way to what is best.

They will be trained to avoid the temptation of delivering ready-made solutions in an attempt to solve people’s problems. Such an approach has had the consequence of creating dependency and reinforcing passivity as people’s self-esteem remains depressed to its lowest. People begin to see themselves as objects to be acted upon by their leaders as opposed to precious subjects and assets for their own development and the development of the society at large.  

The Grand Dream for Premese Africa Cosdets University (PACU)

I have learnt that fear of failure is closely linked to fear of change. That’s what limits us from relentlessly pursuing our dreams. Yet, dreams don’t die, it is the dreamers who die. No wonder Myles Monroe asserts that the richest place on earth is graveyards where millions of dreams are buried before they materialized. We are so blinded by fear of change that we stop just a few steps down the road to leaving a legacy. Believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you and those around you to walk down the path of great men and women who ever lived to make a history. That is transforming fear into liberty to exploit your full potential. (Paraphrased from Soledad O’Brien)

We aspire to diligently pursue our fondly cherished dream of many years in form of Premese Africa Cosdets University (PACU), whether this will be achieved in our lifetime as founders or by succession. We have already acquired and reserved sufficient land for the project within Machakos/Makueni Counties.     

Where Premese Africa COSDETS is currently located:

Villa Franca, Opp. Imara Daima, Off Mombasa Rd. Nairobi.  

Address: P.O. BOX 26061 – 00504 Nairobi

 Location: Nairobi; Telephone Number: 0700520458 / 0715566458 

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“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” Albert Einstein