Premese ECD KNEC / Montessori Teachers Training College

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The teacher’s Training course comprises of one year class work and one year field attachment. Most students are hired as regular teachers in their schools of attachment depending on their performance and the impact they make in the host school during their time of attachment.

Our graduates in Montessori ECD Teachers Course are usually employed in urban private schools and therefore are relatively better paid. We have Premese graduates working in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Botswana, Gambia and Sudan among other countries. Others are working and or studying overseas and particularly in USA and Canada.

During the training, each student is responsible for his / her own living / accommodation arrangements, fares, pocket money, medical expenses e.t.c. both during the course work as well as during the field attachment. However, PREMESE management provides guidance to those who are new in Nairobi and are looking for an affordable accommodation at easy reach to the institute without transport cost. Hostels range from Ksh. 6,000/= to Kshs. 8,000/= per month. This covers full board and accommodation (food, water, electricity, and security). In the neighborhood of the institute, there are also convenient permanent and semi – permanent rooms for rental with security and other amenities. A room ranges form Kshs. 2,000/= to Kshs. 4,000 per month depending on whether it has electricity and private water source or not.

On successful completion of the first year of the certificate course work, those who are interested are given a chance to enroll for our Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECHE). This is necessary for those who aspire to teach in Early Childhood Colleges or to start their own Early Childhood Institutions. The Diploma programme is conveniently designed to enable students enroll and study at home or while on attachment as it is by distance learning. They will only be required to attend Diploma Clinic or Workshops during school holidays for a period of one week per holiday. This amounts to three to 4 weeks altogether before sitting for their final exams.