Premese St. Francis School

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St. Francis of Assisi (Premese) Academy started 2008 in Mlolongo Township, Athiriver.  

Our Early Childhood Education in St. Francis of Assisi Mlolongo is based on Montessori Method of Teaching which is practical in nature. Montessori Method of approach to learning is geared towards imparting holistic education that develops children’s reading and writing skills as well as nurturing their talents and moral values from that tender age.

It is a full primary school with classes from Baby Class to Std.8. We have academically sound and well trained, experienced teachers. This is a school managed under christian principles.

St. Francis of Assisi Mlolongo had their first KCPE candidates in 2015. Hence they have sat for KCPE twice and some of our candidates have been taken in popular schools like Muthale girls with a score of 406 marks and Muthetheni girls among other popular schools.